Burger King Sells Whopper-Scented Colonge

download (3)Burger King launched a limited edition, Whopper-scented cologne on April 1. Though not an April Fool’s joke, the fragrance “Flame Grilled” went on sale for just one day in Japan, for 5,000 yen or about $40 dollars.

This news caught me a bit by surprise, as I always figured Burger King was a natural fit for a skin care line, or maybe a body wash.

I suppose I would like to smell like beef, but I want a¬†high-quality beef. So I’m holding out for Burger King to make a more sophisticated fragrance, perhaps based on one of their specialty sandwiches.

There were no details about whether the fragrance felt greasy or if its ingredients were free of growth hormones, but as long as it’s under 50 calories per squirt I can try to fit it into my daily beauty regimen.

What do you think? Should Burger King be in the fragrance market? Share your comments below!