5 Tips to Keep you Walking

I really thought I would hate walking; it’s the last thing an overweight and out of shape guy wants to do. I didn’t even like going downstairs to do laundry because those 13 steps hurt my knees so badly!

Today I feel a bit like a self-taught expert on walking. I know the best trails where I live, tricks for motivating myself and how to keep things interesting.

Here are five tips to keep you walking!

1. Load that Playlist:  Everyone hasdownload (7) their favorite app for listening to music, so I won’t bother to go there. But if you enjoy listening to news, articles and self-help posts, you may want to check out Umano. Umano lets you enjoy news, podcasts and articles with just a few clicks, and it’s my go-to app when walking. I load it up with my selections prior to a walk and it keeps me occupied as I log those miles. (Umano for Android, Umano for iTunes).

download (5)2. Reward Yourself: I keep a bottle of pure aloe in the refrigerator. When I get back from a walk, I squeeze a dollop in my hand and rub it all over my face and arms. It instantly cools the temperature of my skin and feels great. It’s such a small thing really, but on hot summer days there’s not much than can beat it after a long walk.

3. Explore new Trails: Walking in different locations keeps your mind curious and your muscles confused, both good things. If you seek trails and other walk-friendly locales, you’ll eventually have a portfolio of locations to pick from, depending on how you feel, how motivated you are on a given day and what you want to get out of your walk. Knowing the hills and valleys keeps things interesting and challenging.

4. Get a walking Buddy: While I engineered my weight-loss program to be solamente, there’s nothing wrong with having a friend to walk with. Having someone to talk to, the mutual motivation, it can go a long way. This is especially true if you have had a number of false starts with your walking attempts; sometimes all it takes is a neighbor who shares some common exercise goals.

5. Set a Goal: Walking without a goal is just wandering. Knowing in advance how far you download (6)intend to walk makes the whole enterprise more meaningful and the sense of accomplishment that much greater. You can set a goal for distance, duration or pace. They all work just fine. You don’t need to push the limit every time you walk; that isn’t the point. You just want to be able to feel a sense of completion when you hit your marker. Any by the way, when you walk with a goal, anything beyond your set point is bonus calories burned, and that’s a psychological tool not to be underestimated.

What keeps you motivated to walk? Let me know in the comments!

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